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Ola Electric Scooter Images Revealed Ahead Of India Launch

ola electric scooter revealed

Ola Electric has revealed the images of its upcoming electric scooter. Ola Electric will introduce the electric scooter in the Indian market in the second half of 2021. From the images, the eco-friendly scooter looks to be a premium offering in the country.

The new electric scooter is said to be based on the Etergo AppScooter, manufactured by an Amsterdam-based EV brand, Etergo BV. In 2020 Ola had acquired the electric two-wheeler manufacturing company. Now, Ola Electric is set to introduce its version of the Etergo AppScooter in the Indian market.

ola electric scooter

Ola Electric is yet to reveal the details of the upcoming electric scooter. But from the images, we can say that it is similar to the Etergo AppScooter. The electric scooter gets an LED headlight, LED taillight and a single telescopic suspension at the front. Overall, electric scooter has a clean and minimalistic design.

Coming to the features, the eco-friendly two-wheeler gets a 7-inch display for the instrument cluster with smartphone connectivity and 50-litre under-seat storage. The scooter is expected to feature the same banana-shaped removable lithium-ion battery, which is also seen on the Etergo scooter. The technical specs of the battery and range are yet to be revealed.


The Ola Electric scooter will be manufactured at the company’s upcoming factory in Tamil Nadu. Ola states that the new factory will be the world’s largest scooter manufacturing factory once completed.

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