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Bajaj Fluor And Bajaj Fluir Trademarks Registered In India

bajaj fluor bajaj fluir trademark

Bajaj Auto has trademarked the names Bajaj Fluor and Bajaj Fluir in India. The names could be used for Bajaj’s upcoming electric two-wheeler. But it’s all speculation for now. Both the names are registered on the Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s Patent Design & Trademarks website.

As per the website, Bajaj registered the Fluor and Fluir trademarks in February 2021, and the names were approved in March 2021. The trademark documents do not specifically mention the type of vehicle. So, it could be an electric two-wheeler or an IC (Internal Combustion) engine two-wheeler.

As per the speculations, Fluor and Fluir could be Bajaj’s upcoming electric scooter, given the push for EVs in the country. On the other hand, trademarking a name does not mean that Bajaj will launch a product with that name. It may be or may not be used. So, it’s all speculation, and nothing is concrete yet.

Currently, Bajaj retails the Chetak electric scooter in the Indian market. Chetak electric recently received a price hike, and Bajaj is working on expanding the availability of the scooter in several cities. The Chetak electric delivers a riding range of 80km on a full charge.

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