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2021 Nissan X Trail Revealed With Latest Technologies

2021 Nissan X Trail Revealed With Latest Technologies

Nissan has revealed its all-new Nissan X Trail SUV at the Shanghai Motor show 2021. With modern looks and electrified powertrain technology, the SUV is more likable by the customers of the eco-friendly segment.

The brand’s largest SUV, New X Trail, shares both the design as well as a platform with the US-market Nissan Rogue SUV. Besides, the car sits on top of the latest CMF-C platform, the same as Renault and Mitsubishi.

The ePower system packed in 2021 Nissan X Trail is different from a conventional hybrid powertrain, with the petrol engine being utilized exclusively to charge a battery. The battery powers an electric motor linked to the front axle.

The complete details of engine options on the new fourth-gen Nissan X-Trail are not yet revealed. However, the company aims to offers an attractive package of dynamic performance and tech to support the modern lifestyle.

2021 Nissan X Trail Revealed With Latest Technologies

Nissan X trail will be sold in 5 and 7 seat layouts. It will get a four-wheel-drive variant, equipped with various settings for driving on three modes – mud, snow, and gravel.

Besides, in the teaser video, we can see the new model with wider opening rear doors, a bigger luggage room, zero-gravity seats, a VC-turbocharger, enhanced ProPilot adaptive cruise control, touchscreen infotainment with virtual personal assistant support, and intelligent 4WD drive selector.

The Japanese automaker will make X-Trail available in the Chinese market later this year.

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